How the scheme works

The Fintech Power 50 will act as a gateway representative company to enable access to funding for at least 30 placement opportunities across a group of fintech companies. This includes identifing and coordinating placement opportunities, an application on behalf of the chosen companies to receive the employee grant, plus help with facilitating both the grant and wage payments.

The company benefits:

  • The placement opportunities are a free, paid for resource which could support Fintech start up / scale up environments as an extra pair of hands. Kickstart employees will be available to provide help within an operation, to increase productivity and could potentially grow as future talent within the company
  • By providing placement job opportunities the Fintechs are helping unemployed people of 16 – 24 years of age back into work and off of the Universal Credit benefits system
  • The talent pool could be a mix of limited experience, 1st and 2nd jobbers and Graduates

Benefits of working with The Power50 as a Gateway representative:

  • We have streamlined the application process by providing a series of templates
  • We will administrate your application and bundle them with other companies to a minimum of 30
  • Due to our audience and partners, we attract a larger pool of young people to work with.
  • Free listing for your placements on TFT jobs board
  • Startup orientation eLearning module available to complement the initial training plan
  • Fintech introduction eLearning module available to complement the initial training plan
  • Access to more specialist training options for your placements

Further HM Government information and Fintech Power50 created templates for download

HM Government kickstart employer guide v7.0

Kickstarter Campaign Application Information required

kickstart job information form

Company Business case to support Kickstarter application

Who can apply

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