Who can apply

Any limited company, regardless of size, registered in England, Scotland or Wales can apply for funding.

To be eligible companies must:

  • Select and employee their placements before 31st Dec 2021
  • Provide a 6-month resource placement opportunity
  • Provide detail on the job type and responsibilities
  • Provide evidence it is a newly created role not replacing any current role or contractor
  • Provide evidence of how they will support the young person’s future employability (cv help, interview skills training, career advice)

The Kickstarter scheme highlights:

  • Fintechs need to provide a 6-month resource placement opportunity
  • Companies can have more than one placement at a time but they must be newly created roles
  • The Government will pay their minimum wage for 16-24 year olds up to 25 hours a week, plus NI and auto enrolments
  • The Government also pay employers £1500 per placement for set up costs towards equipment, training etc
  • The deadline for placements to be in place is Dec 2021
  • There are no mandatory requirements for the companies to provide permanent full-time employment at the end of the 6-month placement, although there is a hope that the young person would prove themselves, gain work experience and may be suitable for internal opportunities or other external employment.
  • Applications can only be made for a minimum of 30 placements

How the scheme Works

Find out further information about how the Kickstart Scheme works.