WOW! We have been overwhelmed by the support so far for The Fintech Power 50 – thanks so much everyone! Since it’s our first year and we wanted to include as many businesses as possible, we have also added these amazing 30+ Fintech’s from around the world – check out the final line up of nominations below. You’ve got until 31st  August to vote for your favorites!

10x Banking

Founded by former Barclays CEO Antony Jenkins, 10x will transform the way financial services providers operate. The startup has built a ground-up platform that incorporates machine learning, cloud services, encryption at all states and other newer technology. Aimed at helping large banks manage data and transactions, build new products and work with consumers, it has now raised £34 million ($46 million) in its first outside funding.

Agile Automations

In today’s ever more challenging business environment, Agile Automations are a creative technology company providing key services, helping clients identify areas of their businesses that might benefit through our unique, process automation techniques.


ARYZE is one of the first ICO’s in Denmark. The goal is to tokenize fiat currency (starting with the danish Kroner) and significantly decrease fees in the current financial system. ARYZE has been awarded Best New Danish Startup at Copenhagen Fintech Week 2018 and won ‘Best FinTech Startup’​ at Venture Cup 2018 – Denmark’s Largest National Startup Competition.


Azimo is an online remittance service, with headquarters in London and offices in Kraków. Launched in October 2012 with the mission to make international money transfer cheaper, faster, simpler and easier to understand, Azimo was voted Best Money-saving App by the Guardian. The company was co-founded by Michael Kent, Marta Krupinska, Ricky Knox and Marek Wawro.

B4B Payments

B4B was formerly known as Payment Card Solutions, B4B Payments is a business payments innovator offering smart and flexible corporate payments and card solutions. Headquartered in London, B4B Payments delivers prepaid cards and outbound payment services to manage corporate expenditure for both employees and businesses globally.

Checkout Ltd

Launched in 2012, is a leading international provider of online payment solutions. solutions are built on 100% proprietary technology and handle every part of the payment process, providing complete transparency across the entire payment value chain.


CoinZero is a simple and secure way to invest cryptocurrency, for new and experienced investors. It is the first app with access to multiple exchanges, offering investment opportunities in a uniquely wide range of coins.


Countingup, a new fintech startup from Tim Fouracre, who previously founded cloud accounting software Clear Books, wants to simplify the life of sole traders by reinventing the business bank account. Specifically, Fouracre’s vision is that for one-person enterprises, business banking and accounting software should be merged so that bookkeeping and filing accounts can be automated.


CrowdProperty is a peer-to-peer lending platform designed to facilitate loans between private individuals and professional property businesses. They have more than 70 years of collective experience in the property industry. It’s what sets them apart from other property loan providers.


The UK’s Divido is one of a number of startups and tech companies operating in the point of sale consumer finance sector. Its alternative payment option lets customers spread the cost of any purchase over a period of time while the retailer gets paid in full right away.

eMerchantPay Limited

eMerchantPay is a leading UK based Fintech online, mobile and POS payment service provider. They are a Principal Member of Visa and MasterCard and help online businesses of all sizes and sectors accept payments via multiple customer touch points.


encompass is the creator of Know Your Customer (KYC) automation software for the banking, finance, legal and accountancy sectors. encompass turns AML/CTF compliance into competitive advantage. With encompass, KYC checks and onboarding processes can be completed up to 13 times faster and with significantly lower costs.

Everledger Ltd

Founded in 2015, Everledger is a leading emerging technology enterprise that tracks the provenance of high-value assets on a global digital ledger. Using the best of emerging technology including blockchain, smart contracts and machine vision to assist in the reduction of risk and fraud for banks, insurers and open marketplace.

Financial Risk Solutions

Founded in 1999 by actuaries and IT specialists, Financial Risk Solutions Ltd (FRS) is a leading provider of unit pricing, investment administration, asset reporting and compliance oversight software specifically designed for the Life Assurance and Asset Management industries.


Fingopay is a revolutionary way to pay using just your finger. They use a biometric reader to scan the veins of a shopper’s finger, building up a “map” that is unique to each individual. Launched 2016.

Fluidly Limited

Fluidly is fundamentally rethinking the way businesses plan and manage cashflow, using data science, accounting domain expertise and machine learning.


FundApps provides automated compliance monitoring services to financial institutions, including some of the world’s largest asset managers, hedge funds and investment banks. FundApps is used to monitor over $5.6 trillion in client assets every day.

Handcash wallet

HandCash is a Bitcoin Cash mobile wallet which uses near field communication (NFC) technology to make it as easy for users to send Bitcoin Cash to someone as if they were handing cash. With NFC technology, the mobile application allows mobile wallets to complete instant transfer of Bitcoin Cash funds with each other through “contactless” means once users’ mobile devices are in close proximity to each other (similar to contactless credit card and Apple Pay functionality).


Modo is the better, faster way to connect payment systems. Modo has a cloud based payments utility that works with banks, networks, payments processors, and their partners to enable interoperability between systems.


Modulr is an API platform that simplifies complex payment flows. Modulr’s mission is to stop payments being a barrier to growth. Modulr’s solutions remove barriers by enabling businesses to rewire their payment processes to suit them. Whether simple or complex payment flows, Modulr’s automated systems enable businesses to bring customers on board much faster, make payment paths simple and provide the control and visibility they need to scale up.

Monese Ltd

The Current Account for Mobile People. Monese is the mobile app alternative to a traditional bank. Welcome to the future of finance, the Monese app enables you to open and manage a UK current account or Eurozone account. You don’t need to have a local address or credit history, and you can open your account in as little as 120 seconds.


Nuggets is an e-commerce payments and ID platform. It stores your personal and payment data securely in the blockchain, so you never have to share it with anyone – not even Nuggets. That means no more data breaches – because companies don’t have to store your data. You can make payments and use services without worrying about your privacy or security. 


Pleo offers smart payment cards for employees enabling them to buy the things they need for work, all while keeping the companies in control of spending. Pleo revolutionises business spending by reducing administrative complexity, eliminating expense reports and simplifying bookkeeping.

PixelPin Ltd

PixelPin is dedicated to securing personal and business information without using a keyboard. Initially PixelPin is focused on the use of pictures. Using pictures is more personal, more secure and more likely to be widely used by the non-technologically minded. The use of pictures is also more accessible.

Plum Finance

Plum is one of a number of fintech startups reimagining how we manage our finances online, in the form of an AI-driven or ‘smart’ chatbot. However, unlike competitors that exist primarily as standalone apps, the London startup (for now, at least) has decided to bet big on Facebook Messenger.

Prodigy Finance

Prodigy Finance has raised a whopping $240 million funding round, certainly one of the largest by a UK company this year. The company provides loans to international students from emerging markets, enabling them to study at business schools in the US, the UK and Europe.

Salary Finance

Salary Finance offer a benefit that helps employees improve their lives, by improving their finances. We do this by helping people save each month, offering loans people can actually afford to pay back, and creating simple tools for people to manage their money.


Shieldpay enables you to create an instant digital escrow facility with no set-up costs. We protect both buyer and seller in any transaction by verifying the identity of both sides. Funds are held securely in the Shieldpay vault and are only released when both parties agree.


Founded in 2009 and headquartered in San Francisco, Square is currently available in the United States, Canada, Australia, UK, and Japan. They believe the economy is better when everyone has access. When everyone has room to grow. No one should be left out because the cost is too great or the technology too complex.


Token’s mission is to allow financial institutions, businesses, and people to instantly and securely move money wherever they are located. They are developing a powerful banking API platform, with a focus on security, open banking and the best possible customer experience.


UniZest provides innovative financial services and products tailored to the needs of overseas students who are coming to study in the UK. The initial product – called the “Aspire Account” – allows international students to open a UK Bank Account coupled with a Visa Debit Card and an integrated Foreign Exchange service.


WiseAlpha is an innovative online investment platform that gives members the opportunity to earn attractive returns by investing in corporate loans of well known British brand name companies, via the issuance of its Notes.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash