As a founder struggling with something while starting or growing a business is entirely normal and to be expected, If you haven’t then there’s probably something drastically wrong. Problems comes from all angles and it doesn’t stop. If there’s one hundred fire’s burning at any one time, being a founder is only having enough water to put out twenty five at any one time. We want to help you prioritise which are the correct fires to focus on.

At the Fintech Power 50, we know fintech’s and we love helping them succeed. We’ve made it our mission to chronicle the best and brightest in the Fintech world each year, but we also want to help those on the path to that level put the plans, processes and strategy in place to be a global leading organisation.

The Fintech Power 50 strategy practice is designed to help businesses solve problems restricting growth, this could be building out the long term vision and aligning the short term goals, what are we missing currently, where should we expand to and what does it look like, when and how should we fundraise along with many other questions that every founder and management team face.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help get in touch with our Head of Strategy, Daniel de Wolf, on