Shape a New Fintech Future! Your Chance to Hire Young People, Fully Funded

The Fintech Power 50 and Partners are looking to champion support across our Fintech ecosystem to provide employment opportunities for 16-24 year olds as part of the UK government Kickstart programme. This aims to help young people back into work by creating at least thirty placement opportunities, each lasting 6 months, which are then fully paid by the UK Government.

The Fintech Power 50 will act as a gateway representative company to enable access to funding for at least 30 placement opportunities across a group of fintech companies. This includes identifing and coordinating placement opportunities, an application on behalf of the chosen companies to receive the employee grant, plus help with facilitating both the grant and wage payments.


The Kickstarter scheme highlights:

  • Fintechs need to provide a 6-month resource placement opportunity
  • Companies can have more than one placement at a time but they must be newly created roles
  • The Government will pay their minimum wage for 16-24 year olds up to 25 hours a week, plus NI and auto enrolments
  • The Government also pay employers £1500 per placement for set up costs towards equipment, training etc
  • The deadline for placements to be in place is Dec 2021
  • There are no mandatory requirements for the companies to provide permanent full-time employment at the end of the 6-month placement, although there is a hope that the young person would prove themselves, gain work experience and may be suitable for internal opportunities or other external employment.
  • Applications can only be made for a minimum of 30 placements

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