N26 recently launched in the U.K. with a single product offering. You could sign up to a free account that gives you free payments around the world, but no insurance and no free withdrawals in foreign currencies.

The company just added a second tier to its lineup in the U.K. And N26 is choosing to focus on N26 Metal in the U.K. You can now sign up to a Metal account for £14.90 per month (€16.59).

In other N26 markets, people can currently subscribe to N26 Black for €9.90 per month or N26 Metal for €16.90 per month. It’s interesting to see that N26 is using its fresh start in the U.K. to simplify its offering and target premium customers. The startup can still change its mind and launch N26 Black later down the road.

Basic customers can pay anywhere in the world without any foreign fee. The company uses Mastercard’s foreign exchange rates and doesn’t add anything on top. But ATM withdrawals in a foreign currency still cost 1.7 percent of the total amount.

Metal customers get the same perks in the U.K. and other European countries, such as foreign ATM withdrawals with no fee, a travel insurance package from Allianz and dedicated customer support.

N26 also provides partner offerings for N26 Metal subscribers. For instance, you can work from a WeWork office for free one day per month. Deals vary from one country to another; British customers get airport lounge access thanks to LoungeKey.

Your mileage may vary depending on your favorite airport, as LoungeKey doesn’t have a lounge in all terminals in all airports around the world. Now let’s see if N26 users outside of the U.K. will get a similar service in the future.