Money2020 Europe discount code: after Singapore, the Fintech Power 50 team will travel to Amsterdam to support our members and influencers, as well as broaden our fintech ecosystem connectivity.

Money2020 Europe 2019 LogoAfter a successful Money2020 Asia 2019 in Singapore, the Fintech Power 50 team will work the floor once again at the upcoming Money2020 Europe 2019 event which will take place on 3rd-5th June in Amsterdam. Last year, they attracted 6,000+ attendees, 2,000+ organisations from 80+ countries.

As a media partner, we’d like you to benefit from our Money2020 Europe discount code: M19FP50.

Money2020 Europe 2019 Discount Code

Money2020 Europe 2019 SPEAKERS

As usual, the Money2020 Europe 2019 event is shaping up to be one of the very best European events focused on all things banking innovation and fintech.

The organisers have already announced over 200 speakers including members and sponsors of The Fintech Power 50 programme:

  • Anne Boden, CEO & Founder of Starling Bank
  • Ghela Boskovich, Founder & Head of Fintech/Regtech at Rainmaking Innovation
  • Craig Donaldson, CEO at Metro Bank UK
  • Chris Skinner, Author & Blogger at The Finanser Ltd

And many industry friends:

  • Dave Birch, Global Ambassador at Consult Hyperion
  • David M. Brear, CEO at 11:FS
  • Claire Calmejane, Chief Innovation Officer at Societe Generale
  • Megan Caywood, MD, Global Head of Digital Strategy at Barclays
  • Susanne Chishti, CEO at FINTECH Circle
  • Alessandro Hatami, Managing Partner at The Pacemakers 
  • Matthias Kroener, former Founder & CEO at Fidor Group
  • Theodora Lau, Founder at Unconventional Ventures
  • Benoit Legrand, Chief Innovation Officer at ING
  • Bradley Leimer, Co-Founder at Unconventional Ventures
  • Liz Lumley, Director of Fintech at VC Innovations
  • Spiros Margaris, VC at Spiros Margaris Ventures
  • Nasir Zubairi, CEO at The LHoFT Foundation

Money2020 Europe 2019 EXHIBITORS

11 of The Fintech Power 50 members will be exhibiting at the event:

Money2020 Europe 2019 INTERVIEWS

We will be recording a number of video interviews on the event floor, starting with some of our The Fintech Power 50 members.  We will also be looking forward to interviewing a few speakers, delegates and exhibiting fintech companies. Should you like to be featured, please contact us today.

Become a The Fintech Power 50 Member

We thrive to help the best fintech companies on the market to drive their brand awareness and accelerate their growth all over the world. Each year, our carefully selected cohort of 40 fintech firms and 10 influencers will benefit from the inclusion in our annual guide which is available online and distributed all over the world via our 40+ media partnerships with the likes of Money 20/20 and Finovate.

We will also help them to exhibit at those events in a more cost-effective fashion and connect them with the trusted network of contacts in the global financial services industry our co-founders and CMO have built over the last 20 years. Those were the nominees for our inaugural 2018-2019 cohort. We will open this year’s nomination process very shortly, but if you believe your company oughts to join our fintech collective for 2019-2020, we invite you to contact us today!

We very much look forward to contributing to our second Money2020 event of the year, and meeting with you in Amsterdam during the event. If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, feel free to use our discount code M19FP50. 

Are you planning to attend or participate to Money2020 Europe 2019? We invite you to leave a comment below, tweet us or connect on LinkedIn.