Combining The Elements For Highly Responsive Solutions

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Combining The Elements For Highly Responsive Solutions

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Financial Institutions and Corporates

Supply Chain Processes:

Complex processing requirements across the middle and back-office.

Company Description

SmartStream provides Transaction Lifecycle Management (TLM®) solutions and Managed Services to dramatically transform the middle and back-office operations for financial institutions. Over 1,500 clients, including more than 70 of the World’s top 100 banks, 8 of the top 10 asset managers, and 8 of the top 10 custodians rely on SmartStream’s solutions.

SmartStream delivers greater efficiency, automation and control to critical post-trade operations including: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Reference Data Operations, Trade Process Management, Confirmations and Reconciliation Management, Corporate Actions Processing, Fees and Invoice Management, Cash & Liquidity Management and Compliance Solutions.

Used independently or as a suite of solutions and services, clients’ gain a lower cost-per-transaction while reducing operational risk, aiding compliance while improving customer service levels.

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