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Make tough calls easy. We make peoples’ lives easier. The lives of our customers, and the lives of their customers too.

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Europe, North and South America and Asia

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Financial Organisations

Insight, an intelligent solution:

As well as validating ID, Instantor´s Insight highlights often overlooked elements of the data that significantly affect risk levels. As a result, this enables faster and more precise scoring models.

Company Description

Instantor is a Swedish FinTech company that utilises transaction data to help make tough calls easy and helping their customers to make fairer, more responsible and faster credit decisions. This is a win-win-win, it is a win for our clients because they are able to accept more at less risk, it is a win for their clients because they are assessed more accurately and it is a win for us as we are able to help democratise the financing system. We help our customers to accurately predict the possibilities of their customers defaulting.

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