The integration of Zafin Cloud enables credit unions greater flexibility to customize product pricing and bundling for tailored market solutions

Zafin, a worldwide leader in digital banking, announces its partnership with Celero, the leading provider of IT solutions to credit unions across Canada. Zafin’s award-winning software platform provides greater agility and ability for banks to dynamically manage rates and fees, as well as create, price and bundle their products for an improved customer experience. The partnership allows Celero to automate the customization of product pricing and bundling for credit unions to deepen their client relationships and drive deposit and lending growth.

“Strategic pricing is a competitive necessity in countless industries because it can increase customer retention, yet many financial institutions have vocalized that it’s still a challenge they face,” said Meenaz Sunderji, SVP of Partner Growth and Sales at Zafin. “Solutions that create a simpler way to quickly develop new pricing and product bundles is something the Canadian credit union system can’t afford to ignore. Our strategic partners can accomplish in a few clicks what would otherwise take months and significant IT spend.”

“To manage client’s value effectively, credit unions are looking to strike that optimal balance between what’s beneficial for their members and for the credit union,” said Rojin Nair, Celero’s General Manger for Fintech Solutions. “Zafin’s approach provides the agility, flexibility and innovation credit unions need to enhance processes and manage risk for customers. Now, we can provide scalable services to meet the needs of financial institutions of all sizes.“

Through the integration of Zafin Cloud, credit unions working with Celero can worry less about the manual processes and focus more on building deeper, more personalized client relationships – something that was difficult, if not impossible, to do with legacy systems. By providing the three core features of fee management, rate management and cross-product conditional offers, Celero’s clients can increase revenue and profitability, enhance client transparency, reduce operational costs and accelerate time to value.

Credit unions need to integrate digital to stay competitive. Zafin offers the essential technology needed at a fraction of the cost. By sitting alongside credit union’s core systems, Zafin Cloud allows product managers to create customize fees and rates at the individual customer level. This helps maximize profitability, without compromising the loyalty of the customers.

“Fully integrating Zafin’s unique product customization offerings into the Celero ecosystem supports our shared vision of accelerating the digital transformation journey for the Canadian credit union system,” said Simon Vincent, Executive Vice President of Omnichannel and Banking Solutions for Celero. “Our credit union and financial service clients expect reliable and secure solutions, so we strive to leverage technology in an uncomplicated way. It’s with our partners like Zafin that we’re able to provide solutions that allow customers to focus on what really matters – their members and the communities they serve.”

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