Raiha Buchanan, founder of Women in Fintech (WiFT), and Sarah Kok, founding member of this initiative, have launched the first episode of their podcast. In this episode, titled “How Did You Get Into FinTech,” they share their ambitions for the podcast and the WiFT initiative as a whole. Raiha and Sarah also, share their own stories in this first episode of the podcast, intended to be a regular series.

“Our motivation to start Women in Fintech was that as women in FinTech we have been searching for a clear platform for women to support each other in the industry and we didn’t find one, so we decided to start one ourselves,” shares Raiha Buchanan, CMO at Instantor, in the first WiFT podcast powered by Instantor.

At our launch event, so many women came to us and told us how important this is and how they have been needing this kind of support from each other; they were wondering why somebody hasn’t already done it” adds Sarah Kok, Brand Manager at Instantor. “The podcast will be a space for experienced voices as well as for newcomers who have a fresh perspective of the industry,” finalises Sarah.

The podcast series aims to increase female representation in the industry by sharing knowledge and experiences, while building a meaningful international network. “How Did You Get Into FinTech” will be the theme of the 2nd. mingle of the Women In Fintech in Stockholm, taking place on May 13th, 2019. To listen to the podcast, please click here.