Some huge benefits of Curve are its convenience and security when spending overseas as well as saving you up to 5% on currency exchange bank fees, which you guys seem to love.

We’re excited to share that it just got a whole lot better, with Curve’s huge updates to its travel benefits.

New to Curve: 0 FX

Imagine a world where you can spend with any of your bank cards, in hundreds of countries across the globe, free of foreign exchange charge. Where you can spend like a local, anywhere.

We’ve made this a reality. Our all-new foreign exchange proposition means you’ll save up to 5% on your spend on all transactions abroad. Simply make purchases abroad with your Curve card, and we’ll do the work for you:

  • Gone are the days of tediously converting your cash before your trip abroad. We’ll automatically convert your currency in real time, free of charge.
  • Stay in complete control. Instant notifications of your spend in your primary and converted currencies.
  • Skipping all the bank fees. Ensure that no matter where you are, all your cards are made Zero FX.

Terms and Conditions apply – see here.

Going on a Winter break? To accompany the big update, we’ve put together some of our top tips for getting the most out of Curve as your personal travel companion.

1. Lock your card

Taking out all your bank cards, losing your wallet and spending hours on the phone with your banks trying to resolve the issue, is one of the great tourist fears.

As opposed to carrying this heavy risk on your shoulders, secure your money by carrying your Curve card instead of your whole wallet whilst out and about. This way, you can lock the card in a tap of a button if the worst happens and it gets lost.

Not only is there little stress if it is lost (we’ll ship you a new one immediately), but by locking the card in-app, your money is as safe and secure as ever.

Note: If you want to be extra risk-free, lock your card at all times, except when you know you’re just about to use it.

2. Track your spend

Whilst overseas, it can be easy to lose track of the money you spend.

By tapping into the Curve app when you get the chance, our spend insights will notify you of how much you’ve spent during your time abroad and what you’ve spent the money on – in both the foreign currency and in your home currency.

You’ll have complete control over your abroad spend with no nasty surprises awaiting from your bank. No stresses, happy holidays.

3. Go Back in Time

Our mission at Curve is to help you simplify and control your finances, so that you can spend more time focusing on the things that matter. Taking advantage of our Go Back in Time feature on your travels is one step in this direction.

Need some time away from your phone? Left it in the hotel safe? Not a problem.

Simply select your preferred underlying funding card prior to travelling, without having to switch cards once throughout your stay. Preferred if some payments were made on alternative cards? Simply Go Back in Time to move your money around post-trip.

4. Stack up your rewards, anywhere

Curve, the Debit MasterCard, is accepted worldwide. Meaning no matter where you are, you can spend like a local. By selecting an underlying rewards card that earns you points agnostic to where you spend, you can constantly stack up on your rewards on your travels by double-dipping both your reward card points and your Curve rewards.

You can spend with your underlying funding cards wherever MasterCard is accepted; meaning whether you’re at your local store or travelling the world, there are always opportunities to stack up your rewards.