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Where open banking means business

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San Francisco

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Banks, merchants, developers, wallets and payments platforms

Supply Chain

Token takes a two-sided approach to open banking, connecting TPPs and businesses to banks, and helping banks to connect to the market, providing each side with a single interface with superior functionality. By working with both sides of the ecosystem, Token delivers faster and smoother integration between parties and facilitates the development of better data and payment services.

Company Description

Token is the industry’s leading open banking infrastructure provider, with offices in San Francisco, London and Berlin. Token is creating the digital connectivity shaping the future of banking-enabled commerce, powering the next generation of payments by putting a bank in every app.

Token offers full coverage of banks in the UK and Ireland, Poland, Italy, Benelux, the Nordics, France, Germany and Austria. Limited is authorised as an AISP and PISP by the FCA in the UK and has passporting rights in an additional 20 countries.

What We Do & How We Do It

Token’s open banking market platform enables banks and developers to set the pace of innovation in digital financial services, unrestrained by technical complexity and regulatory compliance. By offering value-added payments functionality together with standardised, API-based access to over 3,000 banks across Europe and beyond, Token helps banks and businesses to drive new revenues through the creation and delivery of market leading open banking payment and data experiences.

By aggregating banks’ compliance-oriented APIs, and supplementing them with additional payments and data functionality, Token provides banks, businesses and TPPs with a consolidated API-based interface through which they can quickly and cost effectively establish connectivity to banks and develop new services. By taking this approach, Token has created a ready-made marketplace for open banking connectivity in which all players can interoperate and develop premium, commercial open banking propositions that create new value-added customer experiences and open the door to new revenues.

Developer friendly from the ground-up, Token offers a complete developer toolkit including a single integration for both data and payments. It’s open banking the way it should be.

Latest News

Token’s customers across Europe include HSBC, IATA, N26, Sberbank Slovenia & Croatia, and Tandem Bank. Token has also been selected by Mastercard to power the connectivity layer of its open banking hub. Delivering secure connectivity between third parties and financial institutions’ APIs using TokenOSTM, Token is helping Mastercard achieve its open banking vision.

Token is a recognised industry leader, winning the Open Banking category in the 2018 London Institute of Banking & Finance Financial Innovation Awards. The team was also named Best Payments Newcomer in the 2019 Card and Payments Awards, FinTech Startup of the Year in the 2019 FSTech Awards, and Payments Start-up and Open Banking Initiative of the Year in the 2019 Payments Awards. Token was the first licensed PISP to conduct an end-to-end payment through a public bank API and payments with the CMA9 public bank APIs in 2018.


London office


15 Bishopsgate

London EC2N 3AR

United Kingdom