Elevated Power Pitch is the gateway into learning more about key companies within the fintech industry and understanding how new ideas and opportunities arise.

Daniel De Wolf believes all company founders have a story to tell, but in order to communicate effectively the first step is connecting with investors, clients and partners in order to facilitate new ideas and grow their business.

In this Third episode, Daniel De Wolf is speaking with Head of Marketing at RentProfile, Jona Doda.

Episode Highlights:

00:32: Jona Doda’s industry experience and her role at Rent Profile?


02:09: Top headlines at Rent Profile?


03:45: What is Rent Profile’s main mission?


06:53: Why is trust so important within this industry?


07:40: Why Rent Profile should be a Fintech power 50 member?


11:03: Who are the founders of Rent Profile?


14:23: Funding rationale; What kind of pitch do you give to investors?


16:14: How to scale up a business? What else does Rent Profile need to grow on a global scale?


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