Elevated Power Pitch is the gateway into learning more about key companies within the fintech industry and understanding how new ideas and opportunities arise. Daniel De Wolf believes all company founders have a story to tell, but in order to communicate effectively the first step is connecting with investors, clients and partners in order to facilitate new ideas and grow their business.

In this first episode, Daniel De Wolf is speaking with the CEO and founder of Neonomics, Christoffer Andvig. Neonomics meaning “New Economy” arose as a direct response to the impending challenges facing the banking industry during its radical transition into the era of PSD2 and open banking. Neonomics have a growing team with a diverse background who all currently work from their base in Oslo. They are “committed to facilitating the next generation of payments services across Europe via one unified API.” – Neonomics.

Episode Highlights:

00:44: Christoffer Andvig Industry background and entrepreneurial experience.

02:30: The birth of Neonomics, how did it come about?


04:45: How the business moved from “Bank Bridge” to “Neonomics.”


 07:15: What problems do Neonomics solve and is there always a solution?


 15:22: Scope of the current market…


21:47: Who would make a good strategic partner?

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