We were lucky enough to have the Lord Mayor of London, Alderman Peter Estlin open the Fintech World event as part of London Technology week on 14th June 2019. The event co-hosted with Rise created by Barclays, looked to showcase the fintech ecosystems from three key geographies around the world, USA, Middle East and India.

After the Lord Mayor had opened the event, we asked a friend of The Fintech Power 50, Karan Jain to sit down with the Lord mayor and ask him about his views on the fintech ecosystem in London.

Watch a short behind the scenes video, where Karan Jain on behalf of The Fintech Power 50 speaks with The Lord Mayor of London to get his views on what’s going on at the moment with in the financial services sector and what initiatives are looking to support and help fintech companies expand.

We also have a MP4 recording with the full interview between The Lord Mayor, Alderman Peter Estlin & Karan Jain on behalf of The Fintech Power50. The interview covers several key subjects relevant to the financial services sector including the current landscape and initiatives in place to support the financial technology sector. You can also find out how the Lord Mayor and his team are connecting fintech ecosystems around the world, along with the purpose of his international visits. The interview finishes of discussing if we need to bring incumbents and start-ups together more and what advice the Lord Mayor has for young companies in this space.