Signicat, the world’s leading trusted digital identity provider, has partnered with Belgium Mobile ID to integrate the Belgian itsme® digital identity scheme into the Signicat Digital Identity Platform.

The integration of itsme® into the Signicat platform means that Belgian financial institutions, online retailers, and other commercial entities can more readily attract new customers and more seamlessly engage with existing customers through:
– Frictionless customer on-boarding and ongoing, advanced user authentication.
– Improved digital customer engagement through electronic signing and preservation of legal agreements.
– regulatory compliance of KYC and AML, GDPR and more.

Additionally, through the relationship, Signicat allows businesses throughout Europe to accept itsme® as an official mobile ID, meaning that Belgian citizens will be able to use their digital ID to access services across the continent. Signicat now connects to 20+ eID schemes globally in countries including Sweden, Norway, Denmark and The Netherlands.

As part of the engagement, Signicat will become a value-added reseller for itsme®, providing customers with comprehensive offering for trusted digital identity solutions in Belgium.

Itsme®, created by Belgian Mobile ID, is an ID scheme and an open ecosystem with the ambition to become a European reference for mobile identity and digital privacy, which makes the concept easy to deploy in other regions and countries. Itsme® is free of charge for users. Companies and institutions who want to offer itsme® to their clients contribute according to their number of users.

“Being able to on-board and keep digital customers is becoming increasingly important for businesses, especially with offerings that require a level of trust beyond a functional credit card. Our work with Belgian Mobile ID means that we can streamline customer onboarding and ongoing engagement for organizations looking to build trusted digital relationships with customers in Belgium,” said Gunnar Nordseth, CEO, Signicat. “The integration of itsme® into the Signicat platform further means that businesses across Europe can quickly and securely on-board Belgian customers, digitally, in minutes – and have trust in their identities – without any need for excessive paperwork.”

“Partnering with Signicat means that Belgian citizens now have access to a wide range of services from across Europe, effectively making itsme® a cross-border digital ID scheme,” said Kris De Ryck, CEO of Belgian Mobile ID. “The cooperation with Signicat offers interesting perspectives to expand the reach of itsme® in Europe.”