Revolut, one of the fastest growing fintech companies in the world, is promising to disrupt business acquiring like never before.

From clunky online portals to endless lists of fees, traditional banks have been failing businesses for years. And while their marketing materials will claim to show how innovative and forward thinking they are, the reality could not be further from that.

Nikolay Storonsky, Founder & CEO of Revolut said: “Traditionally, acquiring has been dominated by the big players, with small businesses forced into creating a business bank account with a completely separate merchant account in order to accept payments – a time-consuming and costly process”.

Acquiring will never be the same again.  We’re ripping up the rulebook and building a new acquiring product from scratch. Our vision is to let a company set up a business account linked to a merchant account in minutes, allowing them to seamlessly make both online and offline payments in a matter of seconds.”

Dimitris Litsikakis, Country Manager of Revolut in Malta, Greece & Cyprus said: “We are going to change the face of business banking forever. Our new acquiring technology, which will allow businesses to make both online and offline payments seamlessly, is just one way in which we are going to do it”.




Maltese consumers can already open an app-based current account in three minutes, send free domestic and international money transfers and spend abroad with no fees as fintech giantRevolut officially launched its service in Malta during Delta Summit.

The high growth fintech is confident that it can become a financial hub for managing your entire financial life, is also close to launch a commission-free trading platform that will allow customers to invest their spare change into company stocks and bonds.

Europe’s hottest fintech has already signed up over 35,000 Maltese customers and is confident that it can reach 60,000 Maltese customers by the end of the year. Since launching in July 2015, the innovative fintech has attracted more than 2,800,000 users across Europe and processed over $22B in transactions.

To get your hands on your own Revolut card, simply follow the instructions below :

1. Follow this link

2. Insert your mobile number

3. Follow text message URL to download Revolut on the Google Play or Apple App Stores via the link

4. Open an account (takes 30 seconds)

5. Top up €10 which you will use the first time you use your card.

6. Select and order Free Card [Standard Delivery]

7. Verify your identity (Tap more -> Profile -> Verify identity)

8. Your Revolut card will be sent to your door!