Miles & More’s partnership with payments companies Affiniture Cards Ltd and Cornèrcard UK allows for the best loyalty programme for British travellers to be introduced on the UK market. 

Miles & More offers Global Traveller Cards in the UK, bringing together the benefits of both Diners Club and Mastercard. The combination of the two cards means that members have access to two payment networks for a greater worldwide coverage as they travel. The new co-branded cards programme restores much-needed competition to the airline charge card market. 

Members earn miles in various categories: When flying with Miles & More partner airlines including European top carriers such as Lufthansa, SWISS and Austrian Airlines and also at partner hotels, car rentals and airport shops. Members subscribing to the Miles & More Global Traveller Cards get a bonus of 5000 award miles and will earn 1.25 award miles for each pound spent. The miles can be redeemed into flight tickets, flight upgrades or to access numerous other benefits offered by over 300 partners worldwide. 

The launch of the new Miles & More Global Traveller Cards is facilitated by Cornèrcard UK and issued by Affiniture Cards Limited, trading as Diners Club International. 

Affiniture Cards provides the Miles & More Global Traveller Account and is the issuer of the Diners Club Global Traveller Card. 

The Mastercard Global Traveller Card is issued on behalf of Affiniture Cards Ltd by Cornèrcard UK Ltd.

Diners Club started in 1950 as the world’s very first multipurpose charge card and is now accepted at millions of merchants in 190 countries and territories with a steady growing acceptance footprint abroad and in the UK. 

Cornèrcard UK’s parent is the esteemed Swiss private banking group Corner Bank, which was founded nearly 70 years ago, and was the first Swiss bank to issue both the Visa card in 1975 and the Mastercard in 1998.

 Andreas Koester, Senior Director Sales UK, Ireland & Iceland for Lufthansa Group, says: “The introduction of the Miles & More Global Traveller Cards in the United Kingdom is great news for our customers in the UK, who will benefit from a complete offer to fit the lifestyle and habits of frequent and avid travellers, and an overall experience with the Lufthansa Group.” 

Sebastian Riedle, Managing Director of Miles & More GmbH, says: “We are always working to offer the most rewarding benefits to our members, we are delighted to cooperate with Cornèrcard and Diners Club to help UK members get more out of their money with an attractive earn ratio of 1.25 award miles for every £1 they spend.” 

Robin Briggs, CEO of Cornèrcard UK, says: “We are proud at Cornèrcard UK to support the launch of the Miles & More co-branded card programme in the UK, to offer a card that meets the needs of today’s technology, such as, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, and provide the flexibility, convenience and extra benefits to travellers’ needs.”