What We Do & How We Do It

What we do

By harnessing its strong technological capacity and with over 18 years of expertise in developing transaction-based applications for banks and other institutions, Viva Wallet is a highly competent “digital payments factory” offering European businesses innovative multi-feature Smart Android card terminals (through EFTPOS), card processing through own cloud-based infrastructure (Microsoft Azure), Card-Present and Card-Not-Present acquiring services, card issuing for Business Debit Cards and localised country-specific IBAN-enabled payment accounts.

To address the challenge of high acquiring fees and offer a truly competitive solution, Viva Wallet offers 0% acceptance fees to its current and new customers. For the first time in Europe, merchants who use Viva Wallet’s card terminals and e-shop payment solutions, as well as Viva Wallet’s Company Debit card for the daily expenses of their business, can completely eliminate their acquiring fees, effectively setting their payment acceptance fees to 0%.

How we do it

Viva Wallet is a technologically innovative, fully integrated, self-developed payment provider and the first European PSP entirely cloud-based, over Microsoft Azure.

It is a licensed Principal Member of MasterCard and Visa for acquiring and issuing services with direct connectivity to the Card Schemes and provides processing services through its own platform.

It supports over 24 additional payment methods, including local closed-loop card schemes as well as multiple alternative payment methods.

It is a licensed e-money Institution, based on the provisions of European Commission’s PSD1 and PSD2 Directives and has passported its e-money license across the entire EEA-31 region.

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