Frictionless Living in a Global Market.

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Frictionless Living in a Global Market

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Target Customer:

International Students

Supply Chain Processes:

International Students, University International Departments, Educational Agents, and Student Accommodation Providers.

Company Description

UniZest is exclusively focused on the 5m international students who leave home to study in foreign countries and provides a suite of products and services designed to make their lives easier and more rewarding.

Initially, UniZest launched an online banking and foreign exchange service in 2017 which uniquely resolved the long-standing problem suffered by the students related to opening a bank account after they arrive in the study country.

Now developing the v2 service which includes enhanced features and services within the core product, as well as a marketplace within which other relevant products and services are provided to the students.

UniZest will go on to offer a similar service in Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.

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