What We Do & How We Do It

What we do

We help financial institutions and insurance companies develop and deploy innovative services that unleash new sustainable revenue streams, without changing complex legacy systems. Alongside, The Glue enables harmonization of applications, easy data aggregation and superior customer engagement in open API ecosystems.

How we do it

Next generation banking and insurance applications are initiated by many different actors such as users, third-party providers, banks and possibly even governments. All these interactions and “events” create and manipulate new data and combine it with existing data. All is recorded by legacy back-end applications.

Our technology platform is developed to enable these capabilities, all while respecting the non-functional requirements of the financial industry. It uses event-driven service modelling implemented using an in-memory data and processing grid to build data-rich, powerful microservices. Deployment is fully based on containerization software. The Glue reduces the load on legacy systems and enables higher performance and enhanced scalability. It is a non-disruptive solution, that protects existing infrastructure investments and prolongs its lifespan. It allows to create innovative solutions at an unprecedented pace, enabling to keep up with modern fintech service providers.

Besides, we harmonize event-driven journeys to underpin truly reactive, personalised and intelligent interactions, and seamlessly process context-aware events simultaneously from multiple channels, blending them with real-time input from customer intelligence, risk, compliance or other systems.

This solution provides our clients with the confidence to open up their services to open API ecosystems.

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