What We Do & How We Do It

What we do

With the growth in digital commerce, alongside increasing concerns around financial regulation and consumer security, Sphonic has created a suite of products to ensure its clients achieve the right balance in protection and customer experience.

Workflow Manager enables access to innovations from over 80 leading global vendors in areas such as Global Identity & Verification, Peps & Sanctions Data, Device Fingerprinting, Mobile Profiling, Email Verification, Geo-Location, Behavioural Biometrics and many others through its agnostic platform.

With these capabilities Sphonic allows Financial Services firms to bring all their Regtech in one place, covering KYC, AML, Fraud Management and Authentication via a single API.

How we do it

Sphonic orchestrates data services from its pool of 3rd party vendor API’s using its proprietorial Workflow Manager (WFM) tool, to establish genuine customers and bad actors in real-time by profiling digital insight alongside traditional regulatory checks.

With a team of subject matter experts designing and delivering workflows through our collaborative approach, Sphonic delivers customised solutions, with access to market-leading innovations taking away the complexity of multiple integration projects, data contextualisation and management of vendor services – all in a GDPR compliant way.

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