What We Do & How We Do It


What we do

Recordsure transforms the performance and culture of regulated organisations by providing them with unique, actionable insights from their customer interactions on a highly scalable basis.

We use state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide an unparalleled platform to record, review and analyse conversations on a highly scalable basis across all customer channels. Through intuitive MI dashboards, Recordsure offers business leaders an innovative means to improve sales and supervision, drive efficiencies and enhance training as well as leveraging fresh insights from legacy data.

Traditionally, team leaders have faced a choice between either reviewing cases in very granular detail or looking at vaguer trends across the wider landscape. For the first time ever, Recordsure is offering business leaders a platform that provides clarity in meticulous detail, but on an industrial scale.

How we do it

Recordsure offers a suite of complementary analytics and automation tools which are designed to integrate seamlessly alongside existing IT infrastructure. Our solution is split over three core stages:

  • We gather data across all customer interactions

Before you can analyse data, you first need to collect it. When there is no existing infrastructure in place, Recordsure provides the necessary tools to collate data across all customer touch points. Speech data is recorded from face-to-face meetings, telephone conversations and video interactions plus text-based content including not just digital copy but printed documents and PDFs.

  • We analyse the data and convert it into usable formats

Audio files are transcribed with unprecedented accuracy through our bespoke machine learning algorithms. The combined files are then automatically segmented intelligently not just by keywords but by advanced themes such as behavioural traits and contextual topics. Our advanced conversational AI technology mimics the way humans understand language and offers analysts a swift way to retrieve and review any significant elements of the dialogue.

  • We dive deep into the data to draw ground-breaking insights and drive extraordinary efficiencies

Our analytics is trained to draw advanced insights which are tailored to meet specific business objectives. For instance, sales trends indicating cross-sell opportunities, risks such as advice which has been offered before the necessary research has been conducted or behavioural traits indicating potentially vulnerable customers can all be flagged automatically and elevated for human review. Data can be fed automatically into CRM or QA systems to drive operational efficiencies, optimise customer care, manage risks and improve regulatory compliance.

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