What We Do & How We Do It

What we do

We provide a picture authentication software solution that works on all devices, both web and native mobile giving a secure non-biometric alternative. It can be delivered either on public cloud, on-premises or FIDO (Fast Identity Online).

It removes the major password weaknesses of phishing and database hacks whilst giving users a simple memorable solution that does not need to be written down. PixelPin also delivers strong authentication providing a 2-Factor solution using TOTPs.

PixelPin’s business benefits are that the solution is highly engaging, considerably reduces the hacking risks from passwords and reduces costs from password resets and lost customers.

How we do it

PixelPin is today’s successful authentication service due to its ease of use, security controls, reliability and speed. It eliminates the traditional alphanumeric password by using a patented picture-based approach with users choosing a personal image (e.g. a holiday photo) and a four pass-point sequence.

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