What We Do & How We Do It

What we do

We work with enterprise banking and insurance clients to transform their unstructured data into structured data sets to significantly improve business performance.

We do this is 3 core areas: Cost Take Out/Operational Improvement; Lending Decision Support & Operations; Risk Management and Controls.

Over the past two years the Pendo Machine Learning Platform has been in full production, operating at machine scale delivering value across use cases in the following example areas; BPM/RPA; AML/Trade Finance; Regulatory & Tax Reporting as well as Risk and Model Management.

How we do it

We are able to execute using the Pendo Platform, a web-based app that’s deployed on-premise, so within an enterprises firewall, or using the secure Cloud via Azure or AWS.

The Platform ingests data, indexes and associates metadata with each and every page of each and every document/ . This provides customers with the ability to immediately use our Google-like search tool which enables them to iterate across large volumes of data to better understand what data will provide the most value for a given project. They can then create structured data using either our classification or machine learning tools.

Once they’ve created structured data from previously unstructured sources the platform enables them to export that data in a variety of ways that best serves their project.


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