What We Do & How We Do It

What we do

Paybase provides an end-to-end platform that covers payments, compliance and risk management. Specialising in payments between multiple parties, Paybase is perfect for online marketplaces, gig/sharing economy platforms and products with sophisticated payments requirements.

We offer the most flexible solution on the market which allows our clients to build the business they want, instead of being constricted by the rigidity of existing payment technology and uncompromising operational processes. Our solution enables businesses to leverage payments to their competitive advantage, taking them from something purely transactional to a feature which genuinely enhances their product. Configurable loyalty programmes and unrivalled customer insights are just some of the features our clients can offer to attract and retain their buyers and sellers.

Too many payment platforms offer an out-of-the-box, disengaging plug-in service which ensures initial simplicity and not much else. Paybase offers a partnership, providing our clients with training, support and advice from a team with decades of experience, as well as peace of mind that their business meets all current and future regulatory standards.

With everything rolled into one unified API, Paybase can be set up with one simple integration. It is the first choice for businesses with big ideas that want to grow quickly.

How we do it

Paybase is able to provide such a customer-centric, adaptable offering due to instilling flexibility throughout all aspects of the business. Our technology is built to adapt to many different use cases to ensure all of our clients receive the solution their business needs.

For example, if you are an online marketplace, you need to route payments between your buyers and sellers whilst taking your commission. With Paybase, the commission can vary between the seller, transaction size, date and more. Perhaps if your merchants have made no sales in the past 3 months, they pay no commission on their next 3 sales. You may wish to reward your buyers with money-back on every 5th purchase or reward specific ‘influencer accounts’ for directing customers to your marketplace and increasing sales. Using the Paybase Logic Engine, all of these examples are possible and able to be implemented rapidly.

But this flexibility also applies to the way in which we are set up from an operational standpoint. We are able to operate with utmost agility due to a compliance framework which is built to handle countless variations of potential requirements a client might have. These may relate to the level of Due Diligence needed to be carried out on certain users, or perhaps the geographies in which the client wishes to work within. As with payments, Paybase ensures that compliance and regulatory standards do not act as an impediment to businesses.

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