What We Do & How We Do It

What we do

ONPEX helps businesses and regulated institutions alike to build their own financial services tailored to their exact needs. We provide multi-currency IBAN accounts, global transfers and ePayments powered by a flexible, API-driven platform to create simple, compliant, and cost-efficient payment and banking solutions. We offer integrated payment and banking services provided on a single modular platform including:

Banking Solutions:

  • Online Banking and Admin Interfaces
  • Multi-level Account and Client Management
  • Settlements and Reconciliation
  • Multi-currency Management with more than 25 currencies
  • IBAN Account Issuing
  • Automation through open APIs
  • KYC and Onboarding
  • Foreign Exchange

Payment Solutions:

  • SEPA and SWIFT transfers
  • ePayments transfers
  • Acquiring and Collecting for cards and APMs

How we do it

The overall banking and payments spheres are highly fragmented when it comes to providing a solution for a specific need. Our aim is to add simplicity, transparency, and automation in payments and banking through one easy-to-use SaaS platform.

Businesses have been without access to Application-Program-Interface (API)-based solutions to manage their payments and banking in a regulatory compliant environment. Our open APIs enable us to collaborate with other technology providers, businesses and regulated institutions in a quicker and more scalable way.

Our clients can simply choose the financial services needed which makes our solution highly tailored and customer-centric. This is what makes our ONPEX Banking-as-a-Service to one of the most flexible solutions in the industry.

Maximillian Nenning

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