What We Do & How We Do It

What we do

OneVisage develops and markets strong authentication solutions that brings 3D facial biometry and/or 3D graphical authentication modalities on any standard mobile devices. Our product portfolio offers three Sofware Development Kits, respectively Premier Face SDK (3D facial biometry), Premier Secret SDK (3D graphical authentication) and Premier ID SDK (3D facial biometry and graphical authentication running concurrently) as well as an authentication platform as a service called Premier Cloud.

How we do it

To perform a 3D facial authentication, our Premier Face SDK prompts the end-user to make a short video-selfie with his Android/iOS mobile device. We reconstruct a 3D face model of the end-user on-the-fly and compare that 3D face model captured to a reference model securely stored at enrolment. The matching result gives a score that is ranging from 98% to 99.99%, aka two to five times the accuracy of mobile fingerprint systems.

To perform a 3D graphical authentication, our Premier Secret SDK displays a 3D virtual world and prompts the end-user to select 1 or 2 secret objects in that world. This deterministic modality enables to completely replace the need of passwords and pin-codes. In addition, this breakthrough authentication method allows to propose premium security-levels, starting with 1 error in 1 million and going down.

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