Pay, login and verify – without sharing your data

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Pay, login and verify – without sharing your data

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B2B: Retail, Payments, Telco, Banking, Content and Travel.
B2C: Consumers looking for a solution that combines complete trust with effortless convenience.

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Company Description

Nuggets is a consumer blockchain platform that empowers you to make e-commerce payments, login or verify your identity – without sharing or storing your private data with anyone. Not even Nuggets itself. All your information is held securely in the blockchain.

For consumers, this means one simple, purely biometric way to pay, login or verify ID. No usernames. No passwords. No tracking or selling of your activity.

For businesses, Nuggets means the end of vast, vulnerable customer databases, minimising regulatory risks. If you’re not holding data, it can’t be breached. Nuggets is agnostic and will be available across e-commerce platforms and payment gateways.

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