What We Do & How We Do It

What we do

Mambu’s technology is designed to be the driving force behind a cloud-based digital banking or lending business. Our solution manages the full product life cycle, from design to customer data and transactions. When integrated into a service-driven architecture, via our open API and Apps, our clients can focus on what drives value into their business.

Our cloud infrastructure ensures they are easily able to bring any product to any market, scale rapidly and grow cost-effectively. Our clients are the financial institutions of the future, leveraging our platform, expert resources and constant product innovation to stay ahead in the race to stay ahead of the competitions and exceed ever evolving consumer demands.

How we do it

New financial technology is opening up previously unserviceable markets and is raising consumer expectations. They want tailored products, great user experiences and simple fast fully-digital services. But most banking technology is just not well suited for this world.

Institutions simply aren’t able to build, launch and change products fast enough. This makes it difficult for providers to compete and differentiate in a rapidly changing market. Mambu changes this.

It is the lean alternative to cumbersome core banking systems, a cloud-native software, provided as a service, supporting composable API-enabled ecosystems.

Mambu empowers our clients to operate like a tech company rather than like a bank. Helping them to successfully start up new business ventures, transform existing operations, launch new products and expand into new markets. We provide more than just a solution, working in partnership with our clients from executing their vision to constantly evolving it with them as the market changes.

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