Deeper Due Diligence.

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Deeper Due Diligence.

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Kompli-Global use a combination of advanced AI driven technology and human expertise to identify and alert you to the ‘bad actors’ who are seeking to utilise your organisation to launder the proceeds of financial crime.

Our services reduce your exposure to fraud, mitigate against personal and corporate prosecution, protect your brand’s reputation and make true regulatory compliance a cost effective reality.

Kompli-Global has developed the world’s first truly multi-jurisdictional, multi-lingual due diligence search platform that discovers comprehensive and accurate adverse and negative information that goes far deeper than just the news & media.

We enable you to uncover material information otherwise unavailable or too time consuming to find. Information that is essential to meet regulatory compliance such as 4MLD & 5MLD.

If you’re using traditional search engines, you could be missing >90% of the story.

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