The Cybersecurity Guardians that Protect Blockchain.


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The Cybersecurity Guardians that Protect Blockchain.

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All public and private blockchains, IoT nodes and DApps

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Security management

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Blockchain will benefit society in profound and diverse ways. By ensuring that value is correctly and safely exchanged between parties, blockchain technology will transform the industries that rely on centralized assurance mechanisms, acting as a powerful, transparent force against corruption. Before this potential is realized, we must address and overcome the security limitations that exist within our current blockchains.

To ensure safety and security for everyone, we’re introducing a new, revolutionary type of blockchain node—the Jaroona Security Node (JSN). The JSN acts as an automated, distributed cybersecurity guardian with the power to protect entire blockchains, DAPPs and your own personal assets and data. Based on machine learning algorithms that automatically improve and adapt to new security threats, the JSN works with both new and existing blockchains, private and public, ensuring its security benefits are available to everyone.

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