What We Do & How We Do It


Jaroona addresses the issue of blockchain network security, without the need to sacrifice decentralization or scalability.

This takes shapes in a new type of node—the Jaroona Security Node (JSN), which uses machine learning algorithms, to allow for quick detection and response to security threats, including hackers, malicious actors, spammers and malicious software.

The solution is designed to enable commercialization and mass adoption of decentralized applications (“dApps”) across various blockchain networks.

Individuals are able to run their JSN on any available hardware device, earning fees for the transactions they secure on a specific blockchain. Each blockchain community is able to establish its own fee structure and set the balance between security and performance.

The Security Nodes are connected in a meta-network, allowing Jaroona Software to adapt to new threats automatically across different blockchain networks. The software itself is designed to work in conjunction with major existing and emerging blockchains, as well as any hardware, making the benefits of security and scalability available to various networks and their participants.

How we do it

The Jaroona Security Node is a specialized node within the network, that utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms and neural networks for self-improving security features. It self-learns from previously detected security threats and breaches, to identify good and malicious behaviour/code patterns, alerting traditional blockchain nodes when the probability of a breach is above the consensus threshold. Security Nodes act in conjunction with blockchain consensus algorithms to enable ‘security at scale.’ We equip Jaroona Security Nodes with powerful deep learning network algorithms, as deep learning is resilient to changes, mutations and input variables, making it incredibly efficient at catching cybersecurity threats and mutations. This is critical for any effective security solution because the number of cybersecurity mutations constitutes for 80% of all malware. We call this Self Improving Security.

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