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Contextual Banking by Design


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Geographical Presence:

Global, multi-national

Target Customer:

The world’s top 300 transaction banks.

Supply Chain Processes:

The integrated process of transaction banking: we help banks help businesses create wealth. Cash management, payment operations, corporate liquidity across borders and divisions, digital trade and supply chain financing, compliance and risk management, and much more.

Company Description

Intellect Global Transaction Banking (iGTB) brings contextual banking to banks, and by extension, their business clients. What if your online banking seems to understand – even anticipate – what your business is trying to achieve? Our solutions spur banks into a digital transformation through open APIs and machine learning. We turn our banking clients into their clients’ principal bankers.

Headquartered in London, iGTB’s products are live in 192 installations, benefitting banks across 90 countries and 40 offices. Our solutions help banks create desire in their clients, unlocking revenue simply by being context-aware as well, of course, as reliable and fast.

iGTB’s solutions are integrated and, uniquely, all come from the same stable. Our Contextual Banking Experience application provides microservices – maximising compatibility – and makes full use of Platform-as-a-Service technology.

iGTB’s transformational success is recognised by independent industry professionals – it is the winner of various awards: Advanced A.I. Mountaineer (Celent), three Real Results Awards (IDC), two Product Innovation awards (Global Finance), is rated #1 Global Payments (IBS) and #1 for APIs (Aité) and for Open Banking (Gartner).

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