What We Do & How We Do It


What we do

iGTB is centred around AI, deep-learning, extensive use of cloud services, a model-bank approach and a proven IP catalogue of transaction-banking customer journeys. Simply put – Amazon points you to the best next sale, Netflix to the best next movie, we point you to the best next $million.

iGTB offers a comprehensive suite of transaction banking applications: Digital Transaction Banking (DTB), Contextual Banking Experience (CBX), Payments Services Hub (PSH), Liquidity Management Solution (LMS) and the Trade Finance and Supply Chain Finance solution (TSC).

Our AI analyses transaction banking data and customer journeys using the power and scale of cloud platforms to provide the appropriate context for users to choose the next best course of action.

Our approach is summarised by IADT for all customer journeys: businesses need the right Information, but that has to be interpreted by deep Analysis, which only serves to help make the right Decision (presenting all options, which contextual analysis) and even then only taking effect when executed through simple-click Transactions.

We sponsor the iGTB Oxford School of Transaction Banking, an institution in which banking executives from all over the world are trained to develop winning strategies for transaction banking, enabling them to thrive in a rapidly-evolving field.

How we do it

Our contextual transaction banking solutions are powered by cloud services and draw from a stable of highly flexible code. Customers can opt for our complete solutions such as CBX and DTB which combine open APIs, deep learning and on-premise or PaaS with an omni-channel user experience.

Notably, we also deliver containerised microservices through cloud-based platforms, maximising compatibility and obviating the need for a risky and expensive overhaul of your existing software infrastructure.

Accenture’s landmark independent report singled out iGTB for its containerised microservices through flexible APIs. We are at the vanguard of digital transformation to microservices and modular, scalable, fully digital banking infrastructure.

Install our microservices as modules and watch as they scale rapidly and in-sync with your needs, by reaping the power of cloud platforms for predictive analytics to provide you with a context-aware course of action.

And of course, our suites are fully cross-compatible and inter-operable.

We help you retire redundant systems and combine our modern software with vital existing strategic infrastructure to provide a state-of-the-art contextual transaction banking experience.

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