What We Do & How We Do It

What we do

A fresh approach to payment processing, clearing and settlement services: Form3 delivers cloud-based connectivity, payment processing, clearing and settlement services. Our clients include a wide range of regulated financial institutions, including leading banks, non-bank financial institutions and fin-techs. We couple our technology with banking partnerships to facilitate agency payment services, accessed through a simple API on a per transaction commercial model, with no big upfront costs.

Form3’s payment processing engine and APIs integrate with – and are dedicated to – the wholesale payments market, offering access to BacsFaster Payments (real-time), CHAPSSWIFT and SEPA payments schemes.

How we do it

PAYMENTS: Form3 provides complete and end-to-end Payments-as-a-Service for Financial Institutions and regulated Financial Technology firms: reliable and secure cloud-based access to FPS, Bacs, CHAPS, SEPA & SWIFT payment schemes and bank partnerships.

PURE: Form3 enables crystal-clear line of sight into unit cost and performance compared to complex on-site hardware and software. The service has been designed to enable business growth and ensure transparency across the board.

SIMPLE: Form3’s API provides access to the full universe of payment schemes. Future-proofed at the point of delivery for complete peace of mind, the result is a straight-forward, easy to use and hassle-free Payments-as-a-Service.

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