What We Do & How We Do It

What we do

For businesses within the financial tech industry, the Banking Circle offers an alternative for managing multiple banking relationships in different regions. For banks, the Banking Circle offers an add-on to the correspondent banking model.

Membership of the Banking Circle offers core benefits for both financial tech businesses and banks:
Financial tech businesses bank on us to access accounts everywhere, settle payments quickly and improve customer services by:
• Offering banking services to their clients
• Improving cash flow through the enhanced speed of settlement
• Building client loyalty and retention through added value

Banks bank on us to reduce operational costs and risk while increasing their global reach:
• Reduce overheads through lower operational cost of transactions
• Reduce administrative resource needed to identify transaction laundering and lower risk
• Service global markets and extend your service offering to encompass different payment types

How we do it

As a member of the Banking Circle, FinTechs and Banks can:

– Open IBAN accounts (in their own name) in 25+ currencies
– Get customised, low-cost FX solutions
– Access global and local clearing methods (SEPA, CHAPS, SWIFT and many more)
– Make real-time transfers between Banking Circle accounts (e.g. from the acquirer to PSP)
– Assist their marketplace customers with regulatory changes under PSD2
– Open multi-currency accounts for online marketplace sellers in 25+ currencies
– Offer merchants fast access to cash without any credit exposure
– Get added value solutions for specific needs (e.g. Virtual IBAN solution in 25 currencies) and more

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