Combining The Elements For Highly Responsive Solutions

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Combining the elements for highly responsive solutions

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Financial Institutions and Corporates

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Complex processing requirements across the middle and back-office.

Company Description

SmartStream provides Transaction Lifecycle Management (TLM®) solutions and Managed Services to dramatically transform the middle and back-office operations for financial institutions. Over 1,500 clients, including more than 70 of the World’s top 100 banks, 8 of the top 10 asset managers, and 8 of the top 10 custodians rely on SmartStream’s solutions.

SmartStream delivers greater efficiency, automation and control to critical post trade operations including: Reference Data Operations, Trade Process Management, Confirmations and Reconciliation Management, Corporate Actions Processing, Fees and Invoice Management, Cash & Liquidity Management and Compliance Solutions. Used independently or as a suite of solutions and services, clients’ gain a lower cost-per-transaction while reducing operational risk, aiding compliance while improving customer service levels.

What We Do & How We Do It

SmartStream’s pioneering vision and technical innovation are at the core of banking, treasury and securities operations throughout all financial markets.

Transaction Lifecycle Management (TLM®) is SmartStream’s trademarked approach to solving operational processing challenges by understanding the end-to-end transaction flow – from trade inception to settlement. Improved automation and visibility are delivered by independent operational controls and a systematic approach.
A powerful suite of straight through processing (STP) workflow solutions carry hallmark scalability and flexibility, offering an unmatched standard of operational control and risk management.

Real time visibility and control
Through SmartStream’s innovation and investment in the latest technology, customers are able to build scalable, flexible processes that bring real time visibility and control to operations. TLM solutions do not force the replacement of legacy systems, instead they leverage core capabilities and protect clients’ investments, retiring only those areas of weakness whilst integrating and adding to existing processing capabilities. In so doing, TLM solutions empower complex processing requirements across the front, middle and back-office.
The TLM solution suite is available as a single architecture which enables ease of deployment, low IT costs and ease of data reporting across all solutions.

Latest News

Financial institutions are becoming aware of the power of new technologies. They have started to explore how artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain technology can improve the customer experience, enter new markets and gain revenue more quickly, whilst enhancing regulatory and compliance efforts.
In response, SmartStream has brought together an innovations team, a collaboration made up of highly skilled members, including mathematicians, applied data scientists and computer scientists. The team is focused on evaluating and deploying artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain models with financial institutions, to drive down costs and boost workflow efficiencies – taking advantage of advanced data analytics to re-engineer traditional work models across middle and back-office processes.
The innovations team is currently working with SmartStream’s banking partners who are investing their time in these technologies. The aim is to develop new data driven solutions and business models, designed to provide innovative infrastructure to enhance their business plans.

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