Grow Relationships with Responsive. Empower your frontline with better faster decisions.

At A Glance


Grow Relationships with Responsive. Empower your frontline with better faster decisions.

Head Office:

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Geographical Presence:

Europe, US, Canada

Target Customer:

Wealth advice providers in banking, insurance and asset management who serve mass affluent customers.

Supply Chain Processes:

We support better productivity and decision making for financial advice givers using rich analytics on client data.

Company Description

Responsive is a B2B FinTech company whose mission is to empower FS institutions and wealth managers to scale personalized financial advice to  their clients. Responsive works in Vancouver, New York, Toronto and Calgary. Our team is applying data science and user experience design to enable forward-looking institutions and private managers to perform better for clients.

What We Do & How We Do It

RESPONSIVE boosts advisor performance with client-centric Next Best Actions. We transform client data into service personalization that strengthens trust and revenue. Our advantage is behavioral analytics driven by proprietary research in machine learning. Wealth managers, banks and insurers use our solution to strengthen client relationships.

Responsive aggregates, normalizes and enriches disparate system-centric client data into a coherent holistic client-centric financial Persona data model. Our Symbiosis analytics engine detects events, segments personality and predicts changes that impact client service, advisor performance or enterprise profitability. Events and segments are then used to send notifications and actions to frontline workers in order to capture opportunities and risks. Advisors can receive our Next Best Actions using our proprietary Hybrid dashboard or integrated over API inside a digital wealth platform of choice. Our notifications and visualizations support meaningful actions and touchpoints that increase profitability, reduce risk and enhance client loyalty.

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