We help our clients’ customers do more with their money.

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We help our clients’ customers do more with their money.

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Banks, Building Societies, Credit Unions & Non-Bank Enterprises

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B2B Digital Banking supplier to Enterprises, Banks and Building Societies

Company Description

Pressure is mounting from increased competition, business model disruption and the need to protect ongoing customer loyalty and margins.

Enterprises such as Post Offices, airlines, travel companies and retailers are looking for new ways to engage and monetise their customer bases. We help ‘bankify’ these ambitious businesses to deepen customer relationships and increase loyalty.

Through more frequent engagement with organisation’s customers, we help dramatically improve everyday relevance.

What We Do & How We Do It

Core platform: Our cloud-based core platform replaces legacy systems and launches new entrants into the digital banking market.
Payment solutions:We partner with diverse enterprises to create bespoke payment solutions. Building on our industry relationships and scheme memberships, we help enterprise customers grow and meet ambitions.
App solutions: We offer seamless integration with market leading apps to fast-track innovation, drive loyalty and create new revenue opportunities for our customers.

Our secure core platform, alongside payment and app solutions, allow our clients to stay ahead – creating endless possibilities for deeper and more meaningful ways to engage with communities of customers.

Our deep understanding of the regulatory environment means we meticulously navigate the necessary compliance requirements together.

Our platform propels ‘non-banks’ to enter a hyper-engaging financial services ecosystem made possible by our intuitive and flexible platform, that grows as you grow.

Customers thrive in an end-to-end financial environment on our secure, cloud-based core platform. We help supplement the offering of businesses with an array of new tailored products, so they remain front-of-wallet, every day.

Latest News

We have recently refreshed our brand, which can be seen online our new website: www.omnio.global

8th Floor,
Waverley House,
7–12 Noel Street,
London W1F 8GQ