Your banking platform in a box.

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Your banking platform in a box.

Head Office:

Tallinn, Estonia

Geographical Presence:


Target Customer:

Established banks, non-banking institutions planning to introduce financial services, emerging fintechs.

Supply Chain Processes:

Modularbank offers easy to implement and configure suite for core banking (both for retail and business banking), including full lending flow, collaterals, payments, current accounts, deposits, payment cards, etc.

Company Description

Modularbank is the most modern cloud-based banking platform built by seasoned banking technology experts.

Modularbank is the core banking suite to build next-generation banking experiences both in the retail and business banking landscape. Our API based banking platform follows the microservice architecture and is composed of flexible and independent modules that cover end-to-end everyday banking processes.

If you need to introduce new lending products, new payment facilities or even new banking core, Modularbank helps you to do it in weeks.

What We Do & How We Do It

Whether you are a non-bank venture planning to enter financial services space or established financial institutions, we provide an immediate impact on your business growth backed by our future proof technology.

We enable established financial institutions to rapidly leverage new business models and transform their business by introducing Modularbank aside their existing legacy systems. For Fintechs we provide a way to go to market fast and change their business model smoothly if needed. In addition, it allows enterprises from the non-financial sector, i.e. telcos, utilities & retailers expand to financial services space.

Modularbank is a core banking suite that brings together its founder’s long-time experience in the banking industry and the latest advances technology can offer. A thorough understanding of the business means that even the most complex banking products and processes are solved and implemented in the leanest and elegant way inside the Modularbank core banking suite.

Modularbank allows launching banking products and services in 0-6 weeks by
– Modularity – choose what you need
– APIs for easy integration
– Flexible product configuration
– Workflow engine for simple process configuration
– Automated processes
– Continuous integration and deployment
– Seamless scaling to support the business growth

The cloud-based platform is based on microservices. It works under multi-region, multi-tenant setup meaning that you can launch instantly in different countries. Modularbank is powered by the most modern workflow engine that allows customers to build their own processes (KYC, fraud detection, payment processes etc.) simply by process configuring. Modularbank provides real-time immutable transaction ledger (including general ledger) that is automatically generated on the basis of business events that allow continuous business monitoring. The information gathered by different ledgers provides the ability to build intelligent data services and analysis on top of it (e.g detect possible money laundry cases in real-time).

Latest News

In January 2020 Modularbank’s German office opened in Berlin.

Other news concerning Modularbank going live with Frankfurt stock exchange-listed banking group and well-established Baltic Retail Group will be out soon.

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