Helping People Lead Better Financial Lives

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Helping People Lead Better Financial Lives

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Europe, North America, South-east Asia, Africa

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Banks & financial institutions

Supply Chain Processes:

Data consolidation & enrichment, customer engagement, new business models

Company Description

At Meniga, our mission is to help people lead better financial lives. We do this by creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem for people, banks and businesses.

Today’s world is data driven. We’re a team of coders, developers, and data scientists that love to create delightful user experiences through the clever use of data. It all starts with a very simple thing, the transaction. Transactions tell the story of people’s financial life, health and habits. Transactions are the lifeblood of businesses. Transactions are for banks what music is for Spotify and movies are for Netflix. Our mission is to enable people, banks and businesses to all benefit with the responsible and transparent use of transaction data.

For people, we empower them to lead better financial lives by giving them the tools they need to better manage their personal finances as well as make the most of their hard-earned money through exciting rewards.

For banks, we partner on a data-driven journey to drive customer engagement and develop new business models. Making banking customers happier than ever.

For businesses, we deliver a highly effective marketing platform that provides unprecedented insights into their business performance as well as market trends. Businesses can then take action and use the intelligence to create and send personalised rewards to the right customers at the right time.

What We Do & How We Do It

Meniga’s award-winning products enable financial institutions worldwide to utilize the power of data to drive customer engagement and develop new business models – enriching the customer experience of over 65 million digital banking users across 30 countries.

Meniga has developed a framework for next-generation digital banking around advanced data consolidation and enrichment. World-class digital banking starts with good data. Meniga helps banks use the data to create a delightful user experience for customers that delivers increased and higher quality customer engagement and creates new revenue streams. Meniga helps banks harvest their data to create a personalized customer experience filled with proactive insights, advice, fun facts, product recommendations, and cashback rewards. Meniga’s portfolio of products includes personal finance management, automated real-time notifications, predictive analytics & personalized engagement technologies, cashback loyalty programs and consumer data analytics.

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