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EEA, USA, Hong Kong, China, Australia

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200-5,000 employees

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Our Compliance-as-a-Service solution facilitates GDPR compliance and ongoing maintenance of your Privacy Governance, which includes compliant use of processors, reducing data risk and helping to accelerate investment and revenue

Company Description

Keepabl is the award-winning Compliance-as-a-Service solution based in London, UK. Our holistic GDPR SaaS solution and Privacy Policy Pack is helping customers from Private Equity and VC through Wealth Management, Asset Management to Fund Advisors and Fintech.

Keepabl focuses on being the best compliance technology platform for customers to use, themselves and with their advisers. Founded by an international Technology Lawyer with over 13 years’ experience as General Counsel of VC-backed SaaS companies, Keepabl keeps its focus on the customer and the customer experience while making a complex regulatory regime very straightforward to understand and manage.

Through 2020, we’ll be applying our differentiating and value-adding product philosophy to other compliance pain points also keenly felt by the industry, such as information and cyber security.

What We Do & How We Do It

GDPR is a huge scary task for over-stretched and stressed-out Compliance teams – there just aren’t enough qualified people to help. GDPR made privacy a board matter, with fines of €20m euros or 4% of global turnover if higher. It’s also now firmly part of investor and customer due diligence. But it’s complex, ambiguous and there aren’t enough specialists to support organisation’s compliance requirements.

Keepabl’s award-winning Compliance-as-a-Service solution helps customers spend less time and money on GDPR compliance, get revenue faster, and reduce risk from data breaches. It also makes Compliance teams less stressed!

Our award-winning solution helps you navigate easily through getting and staying compliance with GDPR and maintain your ongoing Privacy Governance. Our customers confirm they’re saving time and money in getting and staying compliant, that they’re working more efficiently with internal colleagues and external advisors, and they’re less stressed into the bargain.

Using Harvard Business School’s ‘Job to be done’ framework, and Simon Sinek’s ‘Start with Why’ framework, we designed a valued proprietary cloud solution that advisers and customers want to use, drawing on years of Legal expertise and Customer experience in law firms and growth SaaS businesses, combined with Silicon Valley DNA.

Keepabl is focussed on delivering the maximum insight and value to business and compliance professionals alike, recognising that GDPR is typically just one responsibility for the person in charge. With GDPR all in one SaaS solution, Keepabl automatically creates required GDPR records and KPIs, all instantly updated when you change your underlying records.

Security is fundamental to GDPR, and Keepabl’s innovative breach solution allows for easy recording of suspected breaches and rapid breach management, with instant email alerts to your security team, an instant breach log, and guidance on notification.

In just 14 months, we won GDPR Company of the year 2019 and 5 nominations for Innovation, 2 for Innovation in Security. Having started with GDPR, we’re expanding to cover the Californian Consumer Privacy Act ( CCPA) and Information Security, to have both Privacy and Security Governance and Breach Management in one solution.

Latest News

Keepabl’s rapidly expanding reseller network includes Alpha Reply, part of the global Reply Group. In a truly unique offering combining the innovation of a startup with the strength and depth of a global consultancy, Alpha Reply is offering a virtual Privacy Officer role, helping customers identify GDPR gaps, remediate those gaps, carry out assessments, react rapidly to breaches and maintain ongoing compliance, all powered by Keepabl’s award-winning SaaS solution. And Financial Institutions can now offer that combined solution to their business banking and insurance customers, to manage data risk and accelerate rewards.

Keepabl’s Privacy Stack® ecosystem, with complementary providers for all aspects of GDPR compliance, keeps on growing. Latest partners in the Privacy Stack include Myki, a leading password manager and 2FA service which uniquely securely stores all passwords locally on user’s equipment without loading anything to the cloud, and ClauseMatch, a leading RegTech providing policy management to Financial Institutions, enabling fully auditable management and iteration of policies in the cloud for easy collaboration.

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