When identity matters, trust Jumio

When identity matters, trust Jumio

At A Glance


When identity matters, trust Jumio

Head Office:

Palo Alto, California

Geographical Presence:

Palo Alto, CA; Linz, Austria; Vienna, Austria; London, UK

Target Customer:

Global enterprises in financial services, banking, sharing economy, retail, travel, government, healthcare, telcos and online gaming sectors concerned by fraud, compliance mandates, and the onboarding and authentication user experience

Supply Chain Processes:

Fully automated identity verification and digital account onboarding, AML screening, KYC compliance and biometrics-based authentication

Company Description

When identity matters, trust Jumio. Jumio’s mission is to make the internet a safer place by protecting the ecosystems of businesses through cutting-edge online identity verification and authentication services that quickly and accurately connect a person’s online and real-world identities. Jumio’s end-to-end identity verification solutions fight fraud, maintain compliance and onboard good customers faster.

Leveraging advanced technology including augmented intelligence, AI, biometrics, machine learning, certified 3D liveness detection and human review, Jumio helps organizations meet regulatory compliance including KYC, AML and GDPR and definitively establish the digital identity of their customers. Jumio has verified more than 200 million identities issued by over 200 countries and territories from real-time web and mobile transactions. Jumio’s solutions are used by leading companies in the financial services, sharing economy, digital currency, retail, travel and online gaming sectors. Based in Palo Alto, Jumio operates globally with offices in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific and has been the recipient of numerous awards for innovation.

What We Do & How We Do It

Thanks to data breaches, cybercriminals and compliance mandates, it’s never been more important to establish trust online. As traditional methods of identity verification, including usernames and passwords and knowledge-based authentication, have proven vulnerable, governments, regulators and enterprises are being forced to find more robust, secure and reliable verification methods to definitively establish identity.

Connecting a person’s online and real-world identities is the sweet spot of Jumio.

Whether in front of a webcam or a smartphone, we can quickly verify the authenticity of an ID, a document, or your user’s real-world identity in seconds — not hours or days — helping organisations optimize conversions, deter fraud, and meet compliance mandates while providing a fast, seamless customer experience.

Jumio also helps modern organisations protect against identity theft and account takeover with biometric-based identity verification and authentication solutions. Jumio establishes the genuine identity of new users by verifying their government-issued IDs and requiring a selfie — comparing the picture in the selfie to the picture on the ID to ensure the user is who they claim to be in real time. After legitimate customers have verified themselves online, biometric-based Jumio Authentication ensures all future logins and transactions are being made by the original account owner.

Jumio uses computer vision technology, AI, machine learning, biometrics and verification experts to verify credentials (e.g., passports, drivers licenses, etc.) issued by over 200 countries and territories. Our technology powers businesses with scalable, secure and compliant identity verification, which enables them to build and sustain trust in an increasingly unsafe digital world.

Jumio’s ID Document Verification allows businesses to establish the genuine identity of their users by verifying government-issued identity documents in real time. Jumio’s advanced technologies detect digital manipulations of genuine ID images, content (name, address, date of birth, etc.) and face photo replacements.

Jumio Identity Verification verifies that the person holding the government-issued ID is the same person shown in the ID photo and that the person holding the ID is physically present during the transaction. As part of the onboarding process, Jumio Identity Verification creates a 3D face map of the user and performs an instant liveness check from a video selfie. When future user authentication is needed, Jumio Authentication captures a fresh 3D face map and compares it to the original face map to unlock the user’s digital identity in seconds. This secure method of authentication protects against deepfakes, bots and advanced spoofing attacks.

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