All you need is you.

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All you need is you.

Head Office:


Geographical Presence:

(Current) UK, Europe, Middle East (Future): North America, South America

Target Customer:

Higher /Further Education; Bars & Clubs; Leisure; Retail; QSR; Restaurant, Local Authority, Hospitality/Catering sectors


Supply Chain Processes:

Identity Authentication, Payments and Banking

Company Description

Fingopay uses Hitachi VeinID technology to let you prove your identity and pay using only your finger. It enables simple, safe and speedy transactions, with no need for cash, cards or phones.

 Fingopay’s aim is to deliver a convenient, safe and rewarding experience for our users, and help our customers improve business outcomes through increased efficiency, security and insight-lead data.




What We Do & How We Do It

Fingopay has created a new category of biometrically-enabled identity platform, which is the foundation for a wide range of products and services including card payments, bank to bank transactions, access control, age verification, and time & attendance.

 Customers can sign up to associate their vein signature with their bank card, and then use their finger to make payments in seconds. The sign-up journey takes just three minutes: an account is created on the Fingopay web portal, and completed when the customer enrols their finger vein biometric at a Fingopay-enabled merchant.

 At tills, harmless infrared light maps the unique pattern of your veins, verifying payment in two seconds through Fingopay’s cloud-based matching system. Unlike fingerprints, your finger vein pattern leaves no trace and cannot be copied, making it an ideal biometric for high security authentication.

 Fingopay has been presented with numerous awards including Emerging Payments – Game Changer Award; The Telegraph – Smart City Innovation Award; Restaurant Tech Live – Tech Product of the Year; Syndicate Room – Top 100 Fastest Growing UK Business, and in February 2020, was Highly Commended for Best Industry Innovation of the Year at the Card & Payment Awards.

 Fingopay will be launching a number of ‘city cluster’ initiatives over the course of 2020, starting with Manchester in the UK.


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