The largest network of comparison platforms for financial services in the world

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The largest network of comparison platforms for financial services in the world

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Penguin Portals

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Europe, Central America, Asia

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Penguin Portals announces it’s embarking on a global growth mission.

Company Description

Penguin Portals is a global network of comparison platforms for financial services.

Starting with the launch of in the UK almost two decades ago, we have grown to establish platforms in six countries worldwide with a combined turnover in excess of £140 million.

What We Do & How We Do It

We have one universal mission – to empower people from across the world to make better choices about financial services.

Financial services products are complex, so our platforms empower people in their decision making by making it easier for them to choose between providers and what they have to offer.

Our platforms compare a range of products including insurance, loans, mortgages, credit cards and banking, energy, internet providers and many more.

We want to empower even more people when it comes to making decisions about financial services, so we’re focused on bringing our platforms to new countries and markets.

Our platforms build partnerships with a broad range of financial service providers within a given market. This gives customers as broad a view of the market as possible.

Once a partner is on board, the platform supports them with integrating into the system.

When a customer wants to get a quote for a product, such as car insurance, they enter their details into the platform which then engages with financial services partners in real-time to return a price and the terms of the policy. The customer is then presented with a list of providers and policies ranked in order of price, which they can click on and choose to buy.

The process helps customers easily compare financial services products across a broad range of providers by price and policy features – therefore empowering them to make an informed decision. Simultaneously, we help financial services providers identify how to best to reach the right customers, for the right price at the right time through advanced data analytics.

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