N26 launched in France in January 2017, with the ambitious goal of becoming the first bank that the French like to use. At the time, 30,000 people had already joined our waiting list to be among the first to discover a new banking experience, with no paperwork and no hidden fees. And today, we’re proud to announce that we now have more than 1 million customers in France.

3 years of innovation

Interested in managing your bank account without hidden fees or extra paperwork, right from your smartphone and in real-time? This is just one of the many benefits N26 customers can enjoy, whenever they want and wherever in the world they may be.

We’re constantly working to provide a simple and enjoyable banking experience, and innovation is very important to us. For example, we launched Spaces in August 2018 to allow our customers to save money and organize their budgets through sub-accounts. Today, this product continues to evolve—in fact, we are now in the test phase for Shared Spaces, a new feature that will soon allow N26 users to set money aside with their friends for joint projects.

Since our launch in France in 2017, we’ve also implemented other services and features such as N26 Credit, in partnership with Younited Credit. Alongside this, we’ve integrated 3D Secure technology to provide extra secure transactions, launched discreet mode to let customers access their account in complete confidentiality when in public places, enabled Two-Factor authentication, mobile payments, and much more.

We regularly interview our customers to better understand their needs and expectations. Their opinions allow us to improve our services, but also set the priorities of our teams.

An increasingly personalized banking experience

N26 is revolutionizing the banking sector, while supporting its customers on a daily basis and adapting to their lifestyles. In this way, mobile banking aims to offer a consistently personalized banking experience. This is why we regularly establish partnerships with brands that are recognized and appreciated by our customers, such as Lime or Booking.com.

Those with N26 You and N26 Metal premium accounts can also benefit from a series of exclusive partner discounts from global brand names such as Tidal, Audible, Hotels.com and WeWork. And while users with N26 You can also choose from 5 card colors that suit them best, N26 Metal card holders can pick from 3 metallic shades in stainless steel for that extra level of personalization.

1 million customers, and counting

Naturally, as our customers all have different needs and lifestyles, customizing our services and products is a real challenge. Today, 51% of our customers connect to their N26 mobile application from an iOS phone and 49% from an Android device.

All age groups are represented:

  • 25% of you are between the ages of 18 and 25.
  • 37% of you are between the ages of 25 and 35.
  • 38% of you are over 35 years old.

In fact, 431 of our clients opened their accounts on the day they turned 18 years old.

And that’s not all, N26 customers are not only spread across all regions of France, but they also live in no fewer than 11315 municipalities.

Today our mobile banking clients make an average of 19 transactions per month with their N26 account, and that number is steadily growing.

Thank you for your trust

The fact that N26 has now exceeded 1 million customers in France is all thanks to you! We are incredibly proud of this tremendous milestone and are grateful to you for continuing to bank with us, as well as for supporting us in building the bank that the world loves to use.

If you’re already an N26 customer, don’t forget to tell all your friends about us and introduce them to a whole new banking experience.