MYPINPAD, the global leader in payment acceptance and customer authentication solutions, is pleased to announce its software has been embedded into the latest base software release (3.4a) of the Thales payShield 9000 Hardware Security Module (HSM).

Thales manufactures the scalable payShield 9000, the most widely deployed payment HSM in the world, which is used in an estimated 80 percent of card payment transactions. The release will be installed on all new payShield 9000 HSMs, and is currently being deployed to all existing HSMs in the field via a new firmware update.

MYPINPAD’s proprietary crypto functions, and specifically its innovative PIN capture technology, is currently being deployed globally, increasing the number of payment acceptance points via the new PIN on Mobile standard.

The technology, now standard on all Thales payShield devices, means that MYPINPAD’s technology is available at the very heart of the critical payments infrastructure for banks and financial institutions. This enables them to create innovative and consumer-friendly solutions to meet the upcoming 3DS 2.0 standard and the newly mandated PSD2 requirements.

Users of the latest payShield software will also now be able to support future versions of ‘PIN on Mobile’, such as a downloadable terminal.

The partnership with Thales creates a global distribution and support network with access to an existing expert community. It also reduces the complexity associated with the adoption of new and innovative authentication and payment solutions and extends the use of traditional legacy systems.

Commenting on the software update, Martin Hawes, CISSP at MYPINPAD said: “Working globally with Thales as a trusted partner, this integration immediately enables all financial parties to use MYPINPAD’s innovative PIN capture technology without the risk and cost of change to their critical infrastructure. They are now free to concentrate on providing consumers with new and exciting products.”