By Charley Brooke Barnett (Head of Content)

The Fintech Times and The Fintech Power 50 is proud to present our Money 2020 USA Special Edition supplement, featuring unique insights from the most influential players in financial technology. These are the true game changers who are diving into innovation head first.

For four days, Las Vegas will bring together titans of industry, providing unparalleled access to a plethora of networking and learning opportunities. This issue aims to inform on all the latest developments in payments, banking, fintech and financial services.

Today’s SMEs face their fair share of challenges, and Anders la Cour, (co-founder and CEO of Banking Circle) is on a mission to promote financial inclusion on page 5. Chris Skinner observes the friction between the two worlds of tech and government on page 8. With data breaches continuing to make headlines, Robert Prigge (Jumio president) lays down key steps on page 12 to safeguard organisations in an era where trust has become a rare commodity. And fintech influencer Ghela Boskovich wrestles with the idea of being included in a “Top 100” list in her feature on page 9.

Money 2020 USA is one of those special events that has the potential to genuinely change perspectives and shed new light on stale ways of thinking. Whatever your aspirations for attending, we’d like to wish you a successful trip and we hope you find this to be a resourceful guide throughout.

Read here: Money 2020 USA Special Edition supplement